Music Production Basics and getting started with Ableton Live

Learn how to get started making your own music on Ableton Live

make your own music

Module 1 - Ableton Live and Music Production

  • Music Theory
  • Introduction to Digital compositions
  • Introduction to session view in Ableton Live
  • What is a DAW
  • Introduction to Ableton Live
  • Introduction to MDI

Module 2 - Building Song Structure

  • Understanding Extrapolation and your music
  • Building out a song
  • Understanding linear parts of a song

Module 3 - Arrangement View, Recording/Editing Audio

  • Introduction to arrangement view in Ableton Live
  • Recording from session view to arrangement view
  • Using Automation in Ableton Live
  • Recording and Editing Audio

Module 4 - MIDI

  • Understanding MIDI
  • Introduction to MIDI effects
  • Setting up and using MIDI controllers
  • Recording MIDI

Module 5 - Synthesis

  • Fundamentals of Synthesis
  • Exploring creative Sound Design
  • Using Operator in Ableton Live

Module 6 - Sampling

  • Fundamentals of Sampling
  • Exploring breakbeats and layering samples
  • Using Simpler in Ableton Live

Module 7 - Mixing & Dynamic Effects

  • Understanding Equalizers
  • Understanding Compressors
  • Using Dynamic effects creatively
  • Introduction to mixing

Module 8 - Time Based Effects

  • Understanding Delay
  • Understanding Reverb
  • Using Time based effects creatively
  • Using effects racks

Dawn John Philip


Dawn has played the roles of music producer, stage performer, live sound engineer and creative consultant to the advertising industry. He has over 200 commercial projects under his belt ranging from jingles, background music for radio and television advertisements to music production and sound design for both short and feature-length films.

He is also an educator, as a consultant for various media educational institutions he develops academic curricula based on Ableton Live for new as well as experienced students of audio production.


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You need a Computer, Internet connection, and earphones/headphones or speakers. If attending our live online classes, earphones with mic facility is recommended for voice based interaction during the session.

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