Module 7 – Mixing & Dynamic Effects

About this Class

Let’s understand mixing our music and how we can use dynamic effects to modify our sounds.

This Class will walk you through the gain based audio effects which are fundamental for the mixing process.

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Learn how to Mix & Master your music with Hozaifa Sayed in these live interactive classes. Hozaifa is a mix engineer with over 200 masters under his belt, working with India’s leading electronic artists.

Projects & Resources

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  • Understanding Dynamics
  • Free Ableton Live 90 Day trial


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Here’s a collection of commonly asked questions and answers. Want to know more? Get in touch, call/whatsapp us @ +91 7795523530

Can I be good at mixing / mastering after watching this module?

This program walks you through important audio effects involved with mixing and mastering. Getting familiar with how they affect your sound happens over a period of practice.

Is it better to use EQ before or After Compression?

This varies from depending on the signal you’re working with, and how hard the compression is. Both approaches affect the overall tone of the signal in different ways and sometimes it is not uncommon to use both on the same track.

What is the difference between EQ3 and EQ8?

EQ is a simpler EQ with only low mid and high separation. EQ8 is a more elaborate EQ that allows more control. EQ3 is less CPU intensive compared to EQ8.

What do I do next if I want to get better at mixing?

Practice! Practice mixing your own music and practice mixing others’ music. For in-depth learning , join our Mix and Master Masterclass with Hozaifa who also happens to be a professional mastering engineer.