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Mixing And Mastering In Ableton Live

With Hozaifa

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Course Overview
  • Duration: 1 Month, 8 Classes
  • Fees: INR 10,000/-
  • Maximum 10 students per batch
  • Prerequisites: Applicants must own laptop/desktop and headphones, have a basic understanding of Apple/Microsoft operating systems and have access to high speed internet. Applicants must also have a basic understanding of Ableton Live and should already be producing music.
  • Grade/Level: Intermediate and Advanced
  • Objective: At the end of this course you will learn and understand how to use native and third party tools to approach mixing and mastering a track efficiently while utilizing the tools and building your own creative approach.
  • Approaching a mix based on various styles and genres
  • Setting up for mixing
  • Learning what to listen for, developing listening skills
  • Studio equipment and signal processing involved in mixing and mastering
  • Digital technology and Session Settings
  • Tools used in mixing with in depth practical demonstrations of each
  • Advanced Techniques
  • Creative mixing
  •  Assessing a pre master

  • What is mastering and how one should approach mastering a finished mix

  • Loudness normalisation standards used by steaming services and digital distribution networks explained with its practical

  • implications when mastering

  • Tools and approaches for creative mastering

  • Demonstration of mastering a track

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Know More About Hozaifa

Hozaifa Sayed


Hozaifa Sayed is an Ableton Certified Trainer & Mastering Engineer with over 7 years of teaching experience. His expertise lies in his approach of sharing his knowledge with students in a practical manner with a focus on building a stong foundation and reinforcing the essential basics.

He has taught in large format, small and even on a 1-1 basis and has been officially listed by Ableton to teach his courses online. His trainings will be a culmination of ideas and learning for an audio engineer coming from various topics he teaches such as basics of sound, physics of sound, decibels and metering, studio equipment, signal processing, digital music technology, Ableton Live, mixing and mastering.

Hozaifa how worked with prominent artists like CEE, BLOT!, Eashwar Subramanian, Anika Emma, Fazal Khan, Kali Mirch, Vade/Nino Lucarelli/Candice Redding for a track called gold on Universal music, Sarab, 6litch. To name a few.

He thrives on sharing his knowledge and helping students learn technique to create more engaging art with and looks forward to having the opportunity of teaching you all.

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Here’s a collection of commonly asked questions and answers. Want to know more? Get in touch, call/whatsapp us @ +91 7795523530


Are these classes pre-recorded or live?

These are live online classes.

I know how EQs, Compressor and all such audio effects work. How will this course be beneficial to me?

Knowing these tools is good, but what is more crucial is the wisdom and understanding of when to use what. Class instructor Hozaifa will share his wealth of experience as a mix – master engineer, walking you through workflows on approaching mixing and mastering your music.

I’m an ametuer/intermediate music producer. Will this masterclass help me?

Taking this masterclass will give you a firm understanding of the various tools involved in Mixing and Mastering, and how to use them correctly. These interactive sessions will help bust some widespread misconceptions about Mixing and Mastering, especially their scope and limitations. This will help bridge the curve for you to go from an ametuer to professional music producer.

I’m a producer who doesn’t use Ableton Live. Will this course be useful for me?

Yes! When it comes to learning mixing and mastering, it is less about what Digital Audio Workstation you use. The tools involved for these processes are universal and most DAWs are equipped with them. Also the course instructor is quite versatile across multiple DAWs like Ableton & Protools. The focus is more on developing your understanding and skill. It’s okay if you use any other DAW.

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