Module 3 – Arrangement View, Recording/Editing Audio

About this Class

Let’s understand how to lay down our music in time and edit/modify our arrangement.

This Class teaches you how to work in arrangement view, and understanding the strengths and limitations of both the arrangement and session view over each other. We’ll also go through recording and editing audio.

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Important Links

  • Ableton Learning Music Website
  • Notes & Scales .pdf
  • Free Ableton Live 90 Day trial
  • Flume talks about about session view and arrangement view


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Here’s a collection of commonly asked questions and answers. Want to know more? Get in touch, call/whatsapp us @ +91 7795523530

Can I finish and export my song directly from session view?

It is easier to finish your song in arrangement view. You cannot export your song directly in session view.

Some songs use multiple instruments to play melody/harmony. How do we approach that?

Once you get comfortable with this, the process can be easily extended to build intricate song structures. Also, you can consider taking up our masterclass on music production where this is addressed.

Can I use midi controllers to do automation instead of drawing?

Yes, they can be using the arm automation feature. We’ll be discussing MIDI protocol and effects in the next module. But for advanced applications, consider taking up the masterclass on music production where these concepts will be discussed.

Which format is better for exporting - wav or mp3?

Wav is better for a lot of reasons. Certain concepts come into play in decided the exact export parameters. These affect audio quality as well as file size.

Can I make my song directly in arrangement view?

Yes you can. But, in this module you will understand the strengths of both views over each other. Different Artists have different preferences when it comes to how they use Live. You’ll know what’s best for you once you become familiar with features of both.

What is the difference between Auto and In Monitor options?

Monitoring deals with listening to an incoming signal and recording deals with capturing it. Auto is a convenient option for most practical uses. In , is mostly useful for live performance situations and specific applications.
Consider taking up our masterclass on music production where these concepts and applications are discussed in greater depth.

What is a soundcard?

Sound card or audio interface is a hardware that allows audio signals to travel from your computer to your ears, via a speaker or headphones. It is also necessary to record sounds onto your computer. Every computer has built in soundcards. External soundcards are recommended for better functionality and quality of signals.