Module 1 – Ableton Live and Music Production

About this Class

Introduction to Music Theory, Introduction to Ableton Live & Making your first Digital Composition.

This class will walk you through the absolute basics of music theory, song composition while introducing the art of music production. By the end of the lesson you will be able compose a musical section from scratch using Ableton Live.

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Projects & Resources

Click here to download the project file used in this lesson

Important Links

  • Ableton Learning Music Website
  • Notes & Scales .pdf
  • Free Ableton Live 90 Day trial


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Here’s a collection of commonly asked questions and answers. Want to know more? Get in touch, call/whatsapp us @ +91 7795523530

Do I need to know music theory to attend this module?

This module covers the basics of music theory, so it’s okay if  you’re completely new to music theory.

Will this module be useful for me if I already know music theory?

Yes, while we go over basics of music theory, we parallelly introduce you to music production by walking you through a practical exercise.

Do I need to memorise all the scales and chords, to be able to make music?

It is not necessary as material will be shared with you for active reference. The module will focus on you understanding the basics of music theory.

Can a complete beginner learn to make music after this module?

Yes, going through this module means you will be able to understand and compose music on your own.

I’m an ametuer/intermediate producer, can I skip this module and jump to the next?

This module will help you refresh your own fundamental understanding in a carefully structured manner. Also, this module is free of cost! If you like our approach, you can sign up for the entire course. 

How do I join Discord?

Click here for a guide to joining our discord.

I don’t have Ableton Live, what do I do?

You can download a 90 trial with all the features unlocked, follow this guide to download Ableton Live.