Module 4 – MIDI

About this Class

Let’s understand MIDI Protocol, Basic MIDI Messages and Creative application of MIDI Effects.

This Class walks you through the Concept of MIDI Protocol how to setup a MIDI controller and it’s role in achieving creative expressions by means of MIDI effect devices.

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  • More about MIDI
  • Free Ableton Live 90 Day trial


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Here’s a collection of commonly asked questions and answers. Want to know more? Get in touch, call/whatsapp us @ +91 7795523530

Do I need MIDI controller to attend this module?

A MIDI Controller is not necessary for this module.

Can the overdub feature be used for Audio Signals as well?

No , the overdub feature only works for midi signals.

The notes coming out of my chord and arpeggiator midi effect do not fit into the scale even though i’ve added the scale midi effect.

Check the order of your effects. Make sure the Scale midi effect is on the extreme right in the effects chain.

Can I use MIDI Controllers to affect parameter values in Ableton Live?

Yes, we can use various elements of a midi controller, like a fader or a knob to control and record parameters in Live. Join our live music production masterclass where we discuss these applications in depth.

Can Capture feature be used for my voice or such audio signals?

No, capture feature is only available for MIDI signals.