The Beginnings

Puneesh Suri and Aryaman Agarwal are Ableton Certified Trainers currently based in Delhi. They met at ILM Academy in 2013 where Puneesh was a trainer and Aryaman was a student at the time. Recently they co-founded The Live Room, a boutique electronic music production learning centre that teaches music production courses as well as a live performance courses with a focus on Ableton Live at its core.


Learning Music Production and Live Performance

They’ve designed courses which covers Ableton Live 10 and Ableton Push 2 quite thoroughly, so as a student considering a music production course, you can be sure that by the end of the course you will learn how to write a song, or how to perform your own music live the way you want to. Their music performance course covers the Ableton Push 2, a powerful multifunctional digital instrument, that is designed to work well for music making in studio or in a live performance. Their objective when teaching this Ableton Live course is to maintain a perfect balance between the art of making music and the intricacies of music production and technology.


Why Live Room

Personal connection is what serves as the backbone for The Live Room. Every student that comes in to learn can have a different musical inclination and different set of dreams. The Live Room has kept this in mind by catering to small intimate batches ensuring that each student gets the attention they need. The Live Room has set no prerequisites to be eligible for their Ableton live music production courses or their live performance courses. So if you`have the passion and determination to learn how to make your own music and perform, you’re more than welcome here.



Exploring Other Creative Avenues

Besides music making, Live Room also explores other art forms such as design, video editing and animation as it is allows students to try out different things in the studio and get excited by the possibilities that music technology creates. Puneesh adds, “it is exciting to see so many different styles of music being produced and performed in the same studio, using the same equipment.”


The Ableton Live Certification Program

Both Aryaman & Puneesh have been part of Ableton’s debut certification program. Puneesh terms it as a great experience; all the preparation that went into getting there and the event itself. Aryaman found it inspiring, scary and fun at the same time as he recalls the moments of panic before his presentations. Spending time with all the creative musicians and music producers they met there made it all the more memorable.


The Music Scene in India & Its Challenges

Puneesh feels this to be a great time for the Indie-electronic music scene as the listener base has lately been opening up to explore and understand varied styles of music. The Ableton user community within the city is also growing.

Aryaman had been involved with doing a few user group workshops in delhi and was impressed by the staggering turnout and the active interactions that took place there. According to them, there are a few key differences between the music scene here and abroad; “there are more opportunities, the scene is bigger, there is access to some really expensive equipment and the industry is more organised and professional.”


Sounding Out Elsewhere

Besides working towards providing quality education, Puneesh has been active in the music industry, running a music production studio called ‘Lab Rat’ along with a friend Jay Pei. They carry out music production & audio related services. As a musician/performer, he is one half of the post electronica Live Act ‘Else If’ where he plays guitar as well. Their music is an intricate blend of live instrumentation & technology armed with Ableton live at the heart of it.

Meanwhile, Aryaman has been working on his own music besides managing The Live Room. He has also been exploring his fascination for art & design. Recently he has been quite fascinated with animation and visual effects, and has been sneaking in some learning time to see where it takes him.


Looking Forward

As for The Live Room’s future plans, the duo primarily want to continue connecting with a lot more aspiring music producers and creative minds in pursuit of becoming a record producer or learning how to write a song and thus provide them with a platform to educate and explore avenues of music production. With such a well conceptualized music production course curriculum and environment,they hope to inspire potential music artists and producers to make some really good music.

You can catch updates from The Live Room as well as everything else they both are upto by following their social media links.


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