While we’re all set to dive deeper into education with our first Batch Based Program in Electronic Music Production alongside our existing  Mentorship Program we’d like to take a moment to talk about our story so far, the features of our course offerings, and DJP Media’s association with German software tech company – Ableton .

DJP Media was founded by Dawn John Philip who is also an Ableton Certified Trainer. Dawn started his journey into music production in 2002 and since has played many roles in the music industry including live sound engineer, studio engineer, music producer, stage performer and creative consultant with over 200 commercial music production projects under his belt.

Our story so far.

Ever since its inception DJP Media has undertaken a busy stream of projects including spot and jingle productions for numerous clients across industries like Flipkart, ITC, Cult, Embassy Group, HolidayIQ, Myntra, Mahindra, Britannia and so on. In 2017 DJP Media worked on scoring the entire BGM and full production of the three featured songs  for a touching full length feature film called ‘Project Papa’ by Metonia Movies. We collaborated with prominent independent artists in undertaking this project, It recently had a successful theatrical release.

… on to education.

Over the course of the last year, prior to becoming an Ableton education partner, DJP Media has been focusing more on imparting quality music production education in India using Ableton Live by organising various workshops and consulting with several institutions across the country and conducting its own in house education program.

The Mentorship Program

DJP Media’s flagship program that entails a personalized experience for students, a course that spans 4-6 months for beginners, under the mentorship of our in house Ableton Certified Trainer. The classes are conducted on a 1 on 1 basis with the course content being customised in order to help the student achieve a particular goal, class timing as well are made to be flexible which is designed keeping in mind that a lot of passionate musically inclined souls do not find themselves in a position of commiting to a rigid schedule.  Although Instructions are given 2 to 3 days a week by our inhouse mentor / Ableton certified trainer, students generally come in on all days of the week and practice or work on assigned projects; practice using various MIDI controllers, analogue synthesizers and other instruments all while receiving feedback and clearing any doubts they may have.


The Batch Program

DJP’s newly launched batch course entails a similar curriculum as the Mentorship program but concentrated into a 3 month duration with a maximum of 5 students per batch. Although classes 2 times a week students are encouraged to come in during the week to book and use the facilities in order to make use of the several MIDI controllers, analogue synthesizers, instruments and all other gear that is available to use on assignments or for practice. The goal of the course is that students should be able to understand all basic music production concepts and techniques and how to use them with Ableton Live enabling them to apply and produce music to their own suitings.


Our Approach

Over our years of experience we’ve learnt that for beginners and even intermediate learners just learning a particular software/platform is not just enough but what is important is to learn and understand various music production based concepts and techniques and then how to apply those to Ableton Live or any other platform.


Briefly this includes a wide range of topics that include – Digital Audio Fundamentals, Basic Music Theory, Song composition and Arrangement, Signal Routing, Differences between digital and analog domain, Harmonics, MIDI Protocol, Virtual Instruments, Synthesis, Sampling, Live’s audio/midi devices, Mixing Fundamentals, Modulation effects,  Using hardware controllers/synthesizers etc.

Apart from this curriculum, the classes will be laced with practical hands on projects and assignments, that will often involve creating music while tending to specific guidelines set by the instructor to allow for a deeper understanding of certain concepts depending on topics covered. Students are mentored with a philosophy of thinking outside the box and not limit themselves to set rules.

Ableton Supported Education Partner


We’re proud to be apart of a handful of Ableton Supported Education Partnered institutions in India which means students are taught by an Ableton Certified trainer and the curriculum taught is also approved by Ableton.


This has been a great initiative by The Inventory who is Ableton’s distributor partner in India. who has also provided a constant support structure for producers across the country throughout the years.

This also means that each of our students receive a free full licensed copy of Ableton Live 10 Suite.

What Students leave with

Along with the certification the student would receive upon successful completion of the course, the students are advised on ways they can make themselves accessible to the avenue of their choosing. Ideally the knowledge and skill sets the students earn here would empower them work towards the following.

  • Produce own music, or for other artists.
  • Collaborate with other musicians/artists.
  • Produce commercially for video/films.
  • Produce commercially – tv/radio ad spots and jingles.

Students of the batch program are also given the option to extend their learning to 3 or more months with the  1 on 1 mentorship program to further hone their skills and/or learn a specific subject in depth.


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