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Music Production and Ableton Live with Dawn

8 Modules

Subjects: Building Song Structure, MIDI, Synthesis, Sampling, Audio Effects and more……

Film Making and Davinci Resolve with Sudeep

4 Modules

Subjects: Understanding camera hardware, editing in resolve, color grading and more…..

Mixing On Ableton Live with Hozaifa

1 Module

Subjects: Mixing, understanding devices, 3rd party pluggins and more…..

Beatmaking on Ableton Live with Joe

2 Modules

Subjects: Making beats, understanding electronic drum kits, processsing drums and more…..

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200+ Students

I love how the instructor is really committed to bringing out the best in me and making sure we achieve the objectives I have laid out. I also liked that there were multiple techniques to figure out what works best for new learners like me.

Vikrant - Saudi Arabia

“Attending online classes for music production was initially a little doubtful and challenging as I have started the course attending sessions at DJP Media and due to Covid, we had to switch to online sessions. But I found online classes more effective, comfortable and flexible. The instructors were friendly and more concerned about giving personalized attention and to have the concepts clarified.”

Jackson - India

“The one month programme at DJP media was very very insightful and hectic at the same time . My instructor was Nikhil and he put a lot of efforts and to be very honest for this price you are getting more than you could expect. After the course I now have the freedom to write my own music on abelton or for that matter any software so yeah it was a great learning experience.”

Himanshu - India

“I joined the online course with basic understanding of music & had my doubts initially if I will be able to pick up the concepts. However the course design & the delivery methods helped me to go through the transformation comfortably. The thing I appreciate the most is my mentor Mr.Nikhil who has been friendly & helpful at all times.
Looking forward to use this skill in my school events”

Ashvath - UAE


Here’s a collection of commonly asked questions and answers. Want to know more? Get in touch, call/whatsapp us @ +91 7795523530

What is the DJP Learning Dashboard?

The DJP Learning Dashboard is a new way to approach learning. We believe in comunity and students being creativelily engaged 24/7. With our dashboard students can chat with each other live, engage with our Q&A forum and even jump on our discord at anytime.

Can a complete beginner learn to make music with these courses?

Yes, our courses cover all aspects of music production for any learner even if you’ve just started. We also have advanced masterclasses with industry professionals for students to learn more.

Does this course only teach dance music?

No, our students learn to create the music they love. Our students create all sorts for genre’s from devotional and classical music all the way to dance and hip-hop music.

I don’t have Ableton Live, what do I do?

You can download and install a free 90 trial of Ableton Live Suite 10 here.

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