Electronic Music Production with Ableton Live 10

Learn to compose original music, in 3 months.

With this 3 months course, you will gain an in-depth understanding of Ableton Live and will be able to successfully Produce and Perform music using Ableton Live 10.

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Our Approach to learning music production is very practical oriented focusing on fundamental knowledge meaning a student is first taught a concept or technique and then taught how to apply and modify it within Ableton Live this gives the student a mature understanding of core production concepts which can be applied to any platform.

Course Details
  • Class Time : 72 hours
  • Studio Time : Unlimited
  • Fees : INR 60,000/-
  • Maximum Batch Size: 5 students

DJP Media Course Overview

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Course Overview
  • Prerequisites: Basic understanding of Apple or Microsoft operating systems
  • Grade/Level: Basic/Intermediate
  • Objective: Understanding Ableton Live in-depth and be able to successfully Produce and Perform music using Live 10
  • Duration: 3 months


  • Introduction to Digital Music
  • Introduction To DAWs
  • Configuring your workspace/Studio
  • Digital Audio Fundamentals
  • Understanding Signal Routing
  • What Is MIDI
  • Arrangement & Session Layout
  • Preferences and setting up your session
  • Clip creation and Clip Editing
  • Clip View & Device View
  • Browser Window
  • Mixer Section
  • Arrangement Automation
  • Navigation Shortcuts & Zooming
  • Recording Audio & MIDI
  • Monitoring Options
  • Quantization Settings
  • Grouping Tracks
  • Follow, Punch in/out, Automation Arm, Overdub
  • Edit Menu
  • Other Clip View Functions – MIDI note Quantizing, Warp Marker Quantizing, clip automation etc.
  • File Management: Collect all and save, Save a Copy, Saving Midi data, Saving instrument and effect presets
  • What is Music Composition
  • Traditional Music Composition Vs. Digital Music Composition
  • Basic music theory with learningmusic.ableton.com
  • Breaking down Song Structure (Melody, Harmony and Rhythm)
  • Introduction to Digital Instruments
  • What is mixing and its importance
  • Understanding Balance, Headroom and Dynamic Range
  • Understanding Bussing and Grouping
  • What are signal Processors/Audio Effects
  • Dynamic Effects
  • Time Based Effects
  • Modulation Effects
  • What are MIDI effects
  • Effects in series Vs. Parallel
  • Techniques and Good Practices
  • Resampling
  • Record, Warp, Launch Preferences
  • Session Clip Automation Clip Launch settings
  • Introduction to Ableton’s Audio Effects
  • Introduction to Ableton’s midi effects
  • Audio Effects Rack
  • Instrument Rack
  • MIDI Rack
  • Groove Pool
  • Musical Applications of Side Chaining Processors
  • Freeze & Flatten
  • Creating your own Instrument Rack, MIDI Effect Rack, Audio Effects Rack
  • Loading and managing packs
  • What are VST’s and how to manage/Install them
  • Understanding and using MIDI controllers
  • History Of synthesis and its role in modern electronic music production
  • Understanding Fundamental & Harmonic frequencies
  • Breaking down simple and complex Wave Types – Sine, Saw-tooth, Square, Triangle, Noise
  • Additive and Subtractive Synthesis
  • Using Envelopes – ADSR
  • Modulators
  • MIDI Protocol
  • FM Synthesis – Modulator & Carrier
  • AM Synthesis
  • Wavetable Synthesis
  • History of sampling
  • The role of sampling in modern electronic music production
  • Sampling techniques and good practices
  • Understanding your hardware and the tools available
  • Intro and overview of simpler
  • Intro and overview of sampler
  • Building custom samples and instrument racks
  • Intro and overview of Operator
  • Intro and overview of Analogue
  • Intro and overview of Wavetable
  • Building Custom Sounds and instrument racks
  • Incorporating samples and synthesis into your workflow

All our courses include a free licensed copy of Ableton Live 10 Suite worth INR 49,800/-

meet the trainer

Dawn John Philip

Dawn is a musician, music producer and founder of DJP Media. He has over 15 years of experience as a studio producer, advertising consultant and live sound engineer.

Dawn is an Ableton certified trainer. You may view Dawn’s profile on Ableton Website


music producer

stage performer

sound engineer

creative consultant


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