Don't be Boring! Be Creativity

That makes no sense and how dare we call you boring?! We don’t think anyone is boring, we believe the current way of learning online is fragmented and uninspiring or “Boring”. We know that learning online can be made meaningful and people can be inspired in “Being Creativity”.

We want to make learning meaningful again

Everything we want to learn is freely available on the internet, so why pay and join a course? Well mostly because there’s no substitution for interactions with peers, professionals and just people who share similar interests. Insight of one when shared, leads to insight for many. The idea is we pay for the process of learning rather than just learning itself. Unfortunately this doesn’t reflect in current online courses.

Which brings us to our platform, an extension of our ideals that if education is the sum of two parts; knowledge and learning and knowledge is available so easily and everywhere then so should be learning and the causality of it.

Let's talk about creativity

There's a difference between "creative" and "creativity"; "creative" is an outcome, that can be a song, picture, video etc. whereas "creativity" is the process of having an idea and turning that into a "creative".

Creativity - "the use of imagination or original ideas to create something; inventiveness."

Everyone has an imagination making us all inventors and creators, we just need help to realize and present our imagination; help with creativity. But when everyone's expression is different and unique how can creativity be taught? Close your eyes and imagine something, it could be a thought, a sound or something visual; that's your creativity and you can learn a skill to actualize that creativity.

Learning Creativity

Creativity can't be taught but it can be realized and understood through discussion and insight from people who are creative as well those who are also understanding their creativity. The problem is we equate learning to an outcome and forget about the process, we're ignoring "creativity" before the "creative".

In everything we do we believe in challenging the way creativity is taught and our ambition is to disrupt, forcing a new perspective of how we learn.

Comment below and let us know your thoughts.

Ajay 2 weeks ago
Interesting 👍
Joe Panicker 2 weeks ago
Community is strength
Dawn John Philip 2 weeks ago
It sure is! By sharing our collective knowledge we all become better creatives!!
Arjun 2 weeks ago
Brilliant initiative! Super happy to be on board :)
Dawn John Philip 2 weeks ago
Great to see you here Arjun! Post what you've been working on, eager to hear!
Sooraj 3 weeks ago
Well said. 100% agree with this.
Channaveer Hakari 3 weeks ago