I am a Music producer, Drummer and an occasional teacher. As a beat maker and a composer I love collaborating with others and exploring new sound avenues. I make electronic music under the name AerateSound and play drums for the band Gauley Bhai. Originally from Kerala I am influenced by the music of south India and the drumming culture of Kerala. Now based in Bangalore for the last decade where lot of incredible musicians and beat makers live.

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Hey guys, here's an overview of my masterclass!


Course Outline:

  • Introduction to Beat Making 
  • Phrasing Beats
  • Beats in Electronic Music
  • Measures of Music
  • Choosing Sounds
  • Layering Beats
  • Understanding Drum Rack and Samples
  • Finalising and Processing your Beats
  • Understanding Accents and Syncopation
  • Modifying Instruments to the Beat
  • Building Effect Chains for your Beats

About the trainer - Joe is a music producer and drummer who also performs under the alias “Aeratesound”. He’s a full-fledged sampling artist and retains some of the traditional sensibilities he picked up from years of playing the mridangam and being part of the live music scene. His brand of electronic music is heavily rooted in real-world sounds, which is evident in the samples he uses. On 'Only For External' opener “Nafiri,” Joe sampled a sound he recorded in Varanasi, which he reconstructs on the track to sound like a shehnai. Elsewhere on the nine-track album, you can hear calls of street vendors and children playing on the street that Panicker recorded himself (he calls them “field recordings”). Even the drums on the album, though sampled, are individually recorded sounds from Panicker playing his own drum kit.

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