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Hey guys, here's an overview of my masterclass!


  • You can get started with Sudeep for free by following his course (sudeep course link)
  • You should haveDavinci resolve installed on your computer, if you don’t here’s a link to a free download -

Course Outline:

  • Introduction to Mobile Video Production
  • Why Shoot on Mobile Phones
  • Trade Offs when working with Smaller Image Formats
  • Understanding Video File Formats
  • Resolution and Bitrate and why they matter
  • Frame Rates Vs Shutter Speed while Filming
  • Third Party Add Ons and Best Practices
  • Best Camera Phones and Mobile Video Production Gear in 2020
  • Understanding the Exposure Triangle
  • Breaking down the Exposure Triangle
  • Selecting Correct White Balance
  • ISO and it’s limitations for Mobile Video
  • Focal lengths, Lens Selection and Add Ons
  • Working with Natural Light
  • Composing your Shots
  • Rules of Composition
  • How to Improve your Composition
  • B Rolls and why they are essential elements in your Story
  • Gimbals, Tripod shots and Handheld Video
  • Tips and Techniques for Effective Shooting
  • Video Editing on Da Vinci Resolve
  • Learning the Interface
  • Importing Media and Raw footage organization
  • Starting Edits – Editing the timeline
  • Working with Visual Transitions
  • Adding Music and Voice
  • Adding Text – Titles and Captions
  • Stock Video and Music Resources
  • Color Grading
  • Exporting your final project

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