Music Production With Ableton Live With Nikhil

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Hey guys, here's an overview of my masterclass!


  • You can get started with Nikhil for free by following his course -
  • You should have Ableton Live installed on your computer, if you don’t, here’s a link to a free download -
  • Understanding of basic music theory. Check out this lesson on music theory before you proceed. 

Course Outline:

  • Structuring your Song
  • Understanding Sound Choices & Instrument Articulations.
  • Understanding and Application of Song Structure
  • Layering Sounds - Use of Instrument Rack
  • Advanced Workflow Tools
  • Fine Tuning in Arrangement View, Recording, and Editing Workflow
  • Editing features for faster workflow
  • Optimising CPU usage
  • Workflow advantages - Session v/s Arrangement View
  • Advanced Clip properties & Resampling
  • Recording Techniques for Audio and MIDI - Comping, Punch Recording, Capture
  • Advantages of Double Track recording
  • MIDI Protocol & Effects processing
  • Understanding and Application of MIDI Effects
  • Serial and Parallel Processing
  • MIDI Controllers for Parameter Manipulation
  • Designing Sounds - Part 1
  • Deep dive into Synthesis Fundamentals
  • Breakdown of Synthesizer functions using Operator
  • Wavetable Synthesis - MPE & MIDI Features using Wavetable
  • Designing Melody, Harmony and Percussive Sounds
  • Designing Sounds - Part 2
  • Introduction to Sampling - One Shot and Loop Based
  • Manual Sampling Techniques
  • Breakdown of Sampling functions using Simpler
  • Slice Mode Sampling Applications
  • Mixing : Gain Based Effects
  • Working on Volume & Stereo Balance
  • Managing Dynamics - Compressor, Gate, Limiter
  • Parallel Compression and Group Processing
  • Side-chain Processing
  • Mixing :Time Based Effects
  • Spatial processing with Reverb and Delay
  • Creative Processing with Reverb and Delay
  • Send and Return chains
  • Finishing your Mix and Exporting project

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