Hey Everyone :)

How's it going? Hope you're all safe & well :) 

I'm Sachin & I produce music as 'Haen' & as part of a duo project called 'Feeling Sunsets'. 
Looking forward to learning with this community :) If I can help in any way as well hit me up :) 

I think my Instagram would be the best place to learn more about me and my music.
For those interested - https://www.instagram.com/haenofficial/

Much lou to my number 1 fan Sooraj for the heads-up about this space <3 #FanGoals

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Sooraj 1 week ago
Dawn John Philip 1 week ago
Hey Sachin, great to see you here! Looking forward to checking out some of your stuff!
Nikhil 1 week ago
Hey Sachin! Good to see you here. Def would like to check out some of your stuff!