Quick Tips 1: DaVinci Resolve 

If you forget to save and back up your projects (like most of us) while working on a long edit, here's a cool feature on Resolve to take care of that. 

Also see how you can colour grade similar clips simultaneously.


Getting started in Resolve!

Davinci Resolve is a great software to edit your videos, it's free and it has loads of professional features to help you make some great video content.

Here's a great video that can help you get started on davinci resolve.

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Hi Everyone, 

I'm based out of Chennai. Would love to be involved in topics about expanding one's creative flow using Live. 

- Dwayne. 



  I'm Sreedhar, an IT professional with creative interests in Photography, Film and Video. I'm currently pursuing a short term course on stop motion film making, to take my love of photographing toys, a level up.


Music Production & Ableton Live Support

Hey guys, I’m Nikhil and I’m your friendly neighborhood Ableton support guy. Apart from teaching, I’d love to help you with any questions you have on Ableton Live and music production in general!

Here’s a couple of exercises I’ve already posted that you could check out -

  • A Sampling Workout (using 2 different songs) 

  • Sound Design with Delay

And make sure to follow this thread on everything Ableton Live and Music Production -


So drop your questions below and let’s start talking!


Sound Designing with Delay

In this lesson, we'll be looking at some really cool ways to design sound effects using Ableton Live's Delay audio effect.

We love the delay effect. It’s a really cool effect used in popular music parallelly on top of the vocals, synths and let it do its thing. But did you know that the delay effect is also a great sound design tool? 

Click here to download free sound effects

The above link contains a pool of 20 sound effects you can use! All these effects were designed using only the Delay effect. Let’s look at a few tips to help build our own pool of sound effects!

#1 - Time Delay Mode 

Switching the Delay Mode from Synced to Time allows us to create smooth accurate changes in Delay time over high Feedback. Especially changes in terms of milliseconds can animate a dull sound. Check out this illustration to find out how this can be cool!

#2 Time Modulation with LFO

If we modulate Delay time using an LFO set to a relatively high rate (10-40 Hz), we can get a very interesting Rhythmic effect while drastically mutating the original sound. Watch the clip to learn how this can be done!

#3 Modulate the modulations

When we change the rate of modulation as the sound feeds back, we can design very complex sound effects. Watch the below clip to see what we mean.

#4 Freeze that Feedback

The freeze button not only allows the feeding back sound to repeat perpetually, but also allows further manipulation on the frozen sound! Check the below clip for cool effects you can make from this.

Remember that we get different results based on different sounds we use for the same process!

#5 Adding Width & Changing Tone

By setting Delay to Ping Pong Style, we can make the sound feel wider in stereo, by setting very low delay times. This can also affect the tone, more so when we increase feedback in this setting.

Your Own Sound Effects Library

Making sound effects isn’t just a great exercise. You can organize and use them as your own sound library. This is a great way to save time and creative energy while making music! Here’s a link to some music I made later, where I dropped these effects!

Do try this at home!

Try building your own set of sound effects using the delay effect. Reply to this post if you have any questions. If you’d like to share some sound effects you've made with the community, feel free to reply with a link here. We’d also like to know about what you did to get those sounds!.


Heya peeps,

I'm Edson and I do mobile photography in my free time. I'm currently studying and would consider myself a novice in this field. Long-exposure and light photography is what I do the most.



Hello fellow music makers!
I am Akshay GR and I work as a freelance Audio engineer/ Music producer. 
I go by the name BTRPT(Beat Repeat).
Producing music has always been a plaything for me and I'm always fascinated by it.

Lately, I've been trying to sing and make singer-(electronic)song writer kinda songs and so far I'm enjoying the process.

You can check out some of my electronic music here:

Kiss kodu nanage - YouTube
Provided to YouTube by DistroKidKiss kodu nanage · BtrptKiss kodu nanage℗ 1692566 Records DKReleased on: 2020-12-26Auto-generated by YouTube.


hey guys , i am a delhi based producer .
just love making music.

Samurai Sword by Bhanu Gill | Free Listening on SoundCloud
state of mind of a fighter(samurai) has to be balanced in terms of aggression and calmness. Sword is a primary weapon used by a samurai, which acts as a part of his body . When used, it destroys the e


Hi folks! 

Nikhil here. I'm a producer and trainer with DJP Media. I also sing and produce music, sometimes under the moniker 'kneekillbee'. 

When I'm not making music, I enjoy listening to all the fascinating music, the internet showers upon us. I also enjoy a bunch of movies and series, which often serve as a muse for music-making ;)  

You can check out some of my music here!