Make your own drumkit 

Hello! In this post, we'll be looking at a fun process of recording sounds at home and turning them into a great-sounding drum kit in Ableton Live.

Sampling opens up a lot of cool ways to music-making. One such idea is building our own drum kits! A typical drum beat is made up of kick, snare, and hi-hats. A great way to start off is to use these sounds as inspiration and find sounds around you to build your own kit.

Check out this beat that I’ve made using sounds captured at home!

Download the samples used in this rack

!  Below are some simple steps to make a similar drum kit.

#1  find and capture cool sounds

Scout around your house, and make a list of things that sound percussive. Cardboard Boxes, crumbling paper, utensils, foodgrain jars, deodorant spray, leaky taps, squeaky drawers; Use your microphone, field recorder, or mobile phone to record those sounds. Watch the below clip to see what I did!

It helps to have a list and cross items off as you’re done recording them.

#2  assort the best takes

Bring these sounds to the DAW. Listen to the recordings, and Isolate the best takes as a separate clip. Label them for convenience.

#3  create a custom drum rack

Finally, drop these takes on to an empty drum rack!

Trim the start and end, Balance the volume, filter, or eq to shape the tone.

#4  glue them all together

Slap a compressor or drum buss on top of the drum rack, to glue the dynamics of different sounds together. Finally, we can save our drum rack as a preset and use them on future projects.

It’s a nice feeling to have your own sounds in your music. And don’t be disheartened if the drum kit doesn’t sound up to your expectations. You will only move forward as a producer, and your ear for recording and processing will only get better from here.  Believe it!

If you've made your own drum kit, or have some music you made with it, feel free to share it with us. Also, do reply to this post if you have any questions or thoughts!


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MONé - Fukkatsu EP Premiere

Hey guys, Hope everyone's having a great week.

My EP is premiering tomorrow at 6.30pm IST. You can set a reminder to stay updated on when the premiere goes live. Do tune in and let me know what you think. :)

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Hey Guys, 

My name is Arjun A.K.A Chain Gang Mafia 

I am a Music producer and a DJ 

I Make Hip-Hop Music 

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Hi DJP'ians! 

This is ahamm aka adithya. Its awesome to be learning and sharing here and khudos to the effort of bringing all of us together here! And loving this new "social" media :) 

Below my spotify channel link do drop by,

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Hey Everyone! Great to be onboard! My name is Vineet. I'm a guitarist, bassist, vocalist, producer and mixing and mastering-er (not yet an engineer xD) Excited to share music with you all. Thanks to Dawn and co. for having me! All the best!


Hey Musicians!!


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