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Course Details
  • Structuring your Song

  • Understanding Sound Choices & Instrument Articulations.

  • Understanding and Application of Song Structure

  • Layering Sounds - Use of Instrument Rack

  • Advanced Workflow Tools

  • Fine Tuning in Arrangement View, Recording, and Editing Workflow

  • Editing features for faster workflow

  • Optimising CPU usage

  • Workflow advantages - Session v/s Arrangement View

  • Advanced Clip properties & Resampling

  • Recording Techniques for Audio and MIDI - Comping, Punch Recording, Capture

  • Advantages of Double Track recording

  • MIDI Protocol & Effects processing

  • Understanding and Application of MIDI Effects

  • Serial and Parallel Processing

  • MIDI Controllers for Parameter Manipulation

  • Designing Sounds - Part 1

  • Deep dive into Synthesis Fundamentals

  • Breakdown of Synthesizer functions using Operator

  • Wavetable Synthesis - MPE & MIDI Features using Wavetable

  • Designing Melody, Harmony and Percussive Sounds

  • Designing Sounds - Part 2

  • Introduction to Sampling - One Shot and Loop Based

  • Manual Sampling Techniques

  • Breakdown of Sampling functions using Simpler

  • Slice Mode Sampling Applications

  • Mixing : Gain Based Effects

  • Working on Volume & Stereo Balance

  • Managing Dynamics - Compressor, Gate, Limiter

  • Parallel Compression and Group Processing

  • Side-chain Processing

  • Mixing :Time Based Effects

  • Spatial processing with Reverb and Delay

  • Creative Processing with Reverb and Delay

  • Send and Return chains

  • Finishing your Mix and Exporting project


Course Duration: 2 months

Course Start Date: September 4th, 2021

Course Schedule: Every Saturday & Sunday from 10am - 12pm


Course Fee: INR 40,000/- 

Meet Your Trainer

Dawn Philip is 1 of only 8 internationally certified trainers in India and has been influential in electronic music education in India, teaching and writing curriculum for institutions and universities across the country.

He is also a musician, music producer and creative consultant based out of Bangalore with over 15 years of experience as a studio producer, advertising consultant and live sound engineer.

Dawn is a versatile music producer whose career began in 2002. Over the years, Dawn has gained extensive experience as a live sound engineer, studio engineer, music producer, stage performer and creative consultant to the advertising industry.

With over 200 commercial music productions under his belt ranging from jingles/BGM for radio & television ads to music production and sound design for both short and feature length films, Dawn is a multifaceted expert in his field.

In this class you get the opportunity to work with Dawn out of his studios in Bangalore and learn how to make music using Ableton Live. 

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