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Hello fellow music makers!
I am Akshay GR and I work as a freelance Audio engineer/ Music producer. 
I go by the name BTRPT(Beat Repeat).
Producing music has always been a plaything for me and I'm always fascinated by it.

Lately, I've been trying to sing and make singer-(electronic)song writer kinda songs and so far I'm enjoying the process.

You can check out some of my electronic music here:

Kiss kodu nanage - YouTube
Provided to YouTube by DistroKidKiss kodu nanage · BtrptKiss kodu nanage℗ 1692566 Records DKReleased on: 2020-12-26Auto-generated by YouTube.


hey guys , i am a delhi based producer .
just love making music.
Samurai Sword by Bhanu Gill | Free Listening on SoundCloud
state of mind of a fighter(samurai) has to be balanced in terms of aggression and calmness. Sword is a primary weapon used by a samurai, which acts as a part of his body . When used, it destroys the e


Hi folks! 

Nikhil here. I'm a producer and trainer with DJP Media. I also sing and produce music, sometimes under the moniker 'kneekillbee'. 

When I'm not making music, I enjoy listening to all the fascinating music, the internet showers upon us. I also enjoy a bunch of movies and series, which often serve as a muse for music-making ;)  

You can check out some of my music here! 



Hey there,

Spinny here. I produce music under the name Ilaama.

I do Video editing at DJP Media Ed.Tech PVT LTD, to keep bread on my table.

In general I produce in music styles of Hip Hop, Electronic pop, Glitch-hop. There is nothing like a specific style I would like to explore. I like to dig (bob my head to) anything from Binaural Audio to traditional Inca music to Avant-Garde to Catholic psychedelic synth folk to Japanoise to anything in between and beyond.


Here are some songs i have released:


Hello creators!

I'm a trainer and electronic music producer based in Bangalore, India.

Since I started teaching I haven't been putting up too much music, though my hard disk is full of unfinished projects. Hoping to change that and put up some new music soon and update this space! In the meantime here's some music I've made in the past...



Hey this is Sooraj here. I also go by my artist name - MONé.

I'm the Creativity Manager at DJP Edtech Media and I also moonlight as a music producer and DJ. The music I produce is Hypnotic and Driving Techno but I also dabble around in a little bit of electronica, house and experimental music. 

Here's a couple of bootlegs I made over the last year. Drop a comment and let me know how you like it.

Elderbook - Talking (MONé Remix) | Link:

Daughter - Medicine (MONé Remix) | Link:

Daughter - Medicine (MONé Remix) by MONé | Free Listening on SoundCloud
MONé (formerly known as Surge [IN]) has come a long way from being an avid music enthusiast to dishing out very eclectic deep, progressive and melodic techno sets in some of the finest venues and even